We fan the flame in each student — from spark to blaze

As of the 2020-21 school year, in a phased rollout, all students across our district experience our nationally recognized Pathways program. We believe our extraordinary learners can live their lives at the intersection of passion and purpose — and through One91, students can discover more about what they love earlier in life. 

At every stage, we are creating learning opportunities that create a sense of wonder, interest and discovery in each and every student. See our approach and take the time to dig deeper.



Curiosity above all else.

For our youngest learners, we put curiosity on a pedestal because we know that children need to see an increasingly expanded view of the world around them. We want them to feel energized with daily “spark” moments to keep the joy of learning big and bright. We want to show kids possibilities and help them visualize a future where they can do what they love.


Feed the fire.

As students emerge from an elementary experience where the world is framed as full of opportunity, we support them as they look to find where they belong — where their talents, interests, and hopes could lead. There’s a need to develop confidence, so we affirm the need for exploration and encourage students to pursue healthy outlets where they can refine their skills, as well as their mindset. Through social-emotional learning and proven strategies that promote self-discovery, students build a greater capacity to make decisions that reflect their passion.


Ready to shine.

By the time students enter high school, they’ve done meaningful self-discovery and can engage in the critical thinking needed to put action to their desires. With a host of opportunities, including exposure to career possibilities, experiential learning, mentorship, career path experts and thorough training, students can move on to the next step with an incredible array of experiences. But most importantly, they’ll be equipped with tools to navigate their journey, no matter what life throws their way.