Light the spark.

At the elementary level, Pathways learning is designed to excite students and give them a glimpse into their future. It allows them to wonder and reflect on what’s next in their learning journey.


The love of learning starts here.

What sparks a love of learning? Exploring a variety of themes and topics to discover what is possible. Every elementary school will embed rich experiences and targeted exposure to all four Pathways, including:

  • Arts, Communications and Literacy
  • Design, Engineering and STEM
  • Health, Wellness and Social-Emotional Learning, and 
  • Entrepreneurship

Three-Year Plan

The implementation of elementary Pathways launched in the 2020-21 school year and will be rolled out over the next three years. Elementary design teams and stakeholder feedback will inform the phased implementation along the way. 

Phased Rollout

  • Advanced Learning Specialists working with gifted and talented students
  • Band and orchestra experiences for all students 
  • Digital Learning Specialists facilitating design and coding units for all students
  • Enhanced Makerspaces for additional engineering Pathway experiences 
  • New K-5 math curriculum piloted in select classrooms across the district
  • Theater and performing arts residences at each school 
  • Health and well-being career exploration activities introduced at each school
  • Project-based learning training and planning sessions for elementary teachers 
  • New K-5 math curriculum implemented across the district 
  • Implement entrepreneurship, math and design project-based learning at each school
  • K-5 math curriculum implementation informs K-5 science curriculum review, including Next Generation Science Standards
  • AVID Elementary program explored for students in grades 3-5